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Aries VOIP Essentials™

Aries VOIP Essentials™

Aries VOIP Essentials™ is a one semester course that explores Voice Over IP technologies. Students will learn VOIp basics, how VOIp works, the devices used in a VOIp deployment, quality of service and an overview of a Voice Over IP Scenario.


E-learning containing 40 hours of multimedia learning with the following features :

  • Learning objectives
  • Glossary and Quizzes
  • Online unit and final exams 


Aries ULE™ provides students an exam interface to take unit, mid-term, and final exams while teachers can track general learning and individual scores and customize their grade book. Skype and Webex features for virtual collaboration between students and teachers.

  • Teacher – the platform provides a teacher classroom management system including: custom test bank, add/drop student, activation/deactivation exams, and retrieve exam results anywhere around the world
  • Student – the system provides the student a real time exam results, missing exams, objectives, and access to the student grade book


Target Audience

  • Vocational, ICT Community Centers
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Lifelong learning


  • U.S. English 

System requirements

  • Computer : Pentium IV or above
  • Ram : 256 Mb or above
  • OS : Windows XP or above, Linux, Mac
  • Connexion : ADSL Internet connexion


Aries is a registered trademark of Aries Technology Inc.