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Aries Home Technology I ™

Aries Home Technology I ™


Aries Home Technology I™ is a one semester course that explores Home technologies and applications. Students will learn how to get started with cabling and wireless technologies, media servers, home control systems and lighting, implement residential cabling and networking and finally think safety and environment.


  • How cabling and wireless technologies work
  • How media servers work
  • How home control systems and lighting work
  • How to implement residential cabling
  • How to keep networking safety


E-learning containing 40 hours of multimedia learning with the following features :

  • Learning objectives
  • Interactive Exercises 
  • Online unit and final exams
  • Certificate of course completion 


Aries ULE™ provides students an exam interface to take unit, mid-term, and final exams while teachers can track general learning and individual scores and customize their grade book.

  • Teacher – the platform provides a teacher classroom management system including: custom test bank, add/drop student, activation/deactivation exams and retrieve exam results anywhere around the world
  • Student – the system provides the student a real time exam results, missing objectives, and access to the student grade book 


Target Audience

  • Vocational, ICT Community Centers
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Lifelong learning individuals


  • U.S. English 

System requirements

  • Computer : Pentium IV or above
  • Ram : 256 Mb or above
  • OS : Windows XP or above, Linux, Mac
  • ADSL Internet connexion


Aries is a registered trademark of Aries Technology Inc.