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Webcast is a web-based and powerful communication tool using streaming video and rich media internet technology. With webcasting, the presenter, the teacher is introduced to the e-learner, presentations and videos are used for visual subjects. They allow presenters to reuse proven classroom live presentations and are useful in providing instructions for complex online activities.

Can be done through webcasts :

  • Launching of products, Interviews, meetings, research conferences, job training

A Webcast is a powerful multimedia experience - traditional video combined with slide layouts. Your audience watches presentations on demand or direct, with their favorite browser from any PC or Mac. And they control playback, choosing views that focus on the content most important to them.

We capture, encode and synchronize content from any video, audio and DVI/VGA devices your presenters choose to use. From laptops and tablet PCs to whiteboards and document cameras.

For businesses: multimedia catalogs of events or conferences

For Corporate, webcasting is a key component of business training strategies

  • build stronger teams with direct management-employee communication
  • reduce travel, boost efficiency and reduce customer support costs
  • empower staff through training and professional development
  • capture, preserve and extend the reach of conferences and other events
  • strengthen sales, marketing and investor communications
  • bolster recruitment and outreach

For Universities and colleges

Universities and colleges can use webcasting to capture lectures and presentations for both hybrid or blended and online learning, special events, training:

  • improves student learning, retention and matriculation
  • increases enrollment without new classrooms
  • generates new revenue through online and continuing education programs
  • captures, preserves and repurposes school events

For government agencies

Government agencies can use webcasting for training, employee briefings and government communications :

System Requirements for webcasts

  • For Windows
    • Microsoft® Windows XP, Windows 2003 or Vista
    • Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 or later, Firefox® 2.0 or later, or Google™ Chrome 1.0
    • Windows Media® Player 9.0 or later
    • Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 or later, if using Mediasite’s new Silverlight Players
    • Broadband Internet connection (256Kbps or more)
  • For Macs
    • Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later
    • Safari™ 2.0.4 or later or Firefox 2.0 or later
    • Microsoft Silverlight 3.0 or later (Silverlight-based Players only, Intel based Mac required)
    • Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 or later (Classic Players)
    • Broadband Internet connection (256Kbps or more)
  • For Linux
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, openSUSE 11.0 or later, Ubuntu 8.04, or Fedora Core 9
    • Firefox 2.0 or 3.0 depending on Linux operating system
    • Moonlight™ 1.0
    • Microsoft Media Pack for Moonlight
    • Broadband Internet connection (256Kbps or more)