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Aries Server Essentials™

Aries Server Essentials™
Job profile: System Network Engineer, Server Support Engineer, Xenserver, Lead network Engineer

Server Essentials is a one semester professional course designed to build on the solid foundation of IT knowledge established by Aries. The curriculum focuses on server room design, installation, security, maintenance, and network administration skills for non-vendor-specific environments.

Content description

  • Learn to provide support of the LAN and WAN components of the Network
  • Learn to provide backup support for the servers and associated operating systems
  • Learn to protect and maintain Storage Area Network devices, Active Directory


E-learning consisting of 70 hours semester course including the following features :

  • Learning objectives
  • Interactive labs 
  • Exercises and Practice Quizzes 
  • Online unit, mid term and final exams
  • Pretests and Post-tests
  • Optional : textbook
  • Certificate of course completion

Delivery:  Universal Learning Environment™

Aries ULE™ provides students an exam interface to take unit, mid-term, and final exams while teachers can track general learning and individual scores and customize their grade book.

  • Teacher – the platform provides a teacher classroom management system including: custom test bank, add/drop student, reset time zone, activation/deactivation exams, and retrieve exam results anywhere around the world
  • Student – the system provides the student a real time exam results, missing objectives, and access to the student grade book 


Target Audience:

  • High and Vocational Schools
  • ICT Community centers 
  • IT Colleges and Universities
  • Lifelong learning and Staff development


  • U.S. English

System requirements

  • Computer : Pentium IV or above
  • Ram : 256 Mb or above
  • OS : Windows XP or above, Linux, Mac
  • ADSL Internet connexion


Aries is a registered trademark of Aries Technology Inc.