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Corporate Training catalog

Business Training: Online training made easy Business Training: Online training made easy

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Business development and Personal Development training provides employees with the knowledge and skills to proficiently and productively manage projects, lead teams, improve personal skills from start to finish.

Aries Computer Literacy™ Aries Computer Literacy™

Computer Literacy is a one semester course that provides the knowledge and skills required for students to become functional users of computer hardware, software applications, networks, and the Internet. This course is aligned and approved by IC3 standard, a certification program that serves as a universal measure of basic computer knowledge and Internet skills.

Aries E-Learning Essentials™ Aries E-Learning Essentials™

E-Learning Essentials™ is a one semester course that introduces students to the research and development process of developing online E-Learning classes. Students will analyze how online curricula is created, tested, and utilized in real world environments.