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Welcome to the e-learning experience

E-learning, Webcasting, coaching - FormateixFORMATEIX SPRL is a young pro-active company involved in the e-learning education field since 2006, and seeking to contribute actively to the exciting world of multimedia and computer technology online training.

Our aim is to introduce companies, students, individuals, to the online learning experience with engaging interactive content, in order for them to improve and enhance technical competences and valuable expertise on the IT field and knolewdge. Over the past several years, e-learning has assumed growing importance as a new approach to continuing education.

Webcasts of conferences, lectures and events

We capture your events, conferences, events webcasting, school lectures and training capture, combining them with online multimedia catalogs of events or lectures, which help companies and institutions to reach a wider audience, reduce travel costs and improve communications.


In partnership with leading companies involved in building science education software such as Aries Institute of Technology, US, DesignMate, India, and Serebra Learning Corporation, CA, Formateix offers companies, High and Vocational schools, Community Centers a complete educational library, an extensive online course catalog in Information Technology, a unique 3D software for Sciences and Maths, to a cost effective Aries Learning Management System (Universal learning E-vironment).