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Online coaching

The e-learning coach is the greatest determinant of student success because the online environment relies heavily on the instructor to be an anchor. The e-learning instructor’s mission is to help the e-learner construct his autonomous learning, helping him to understand that learning can lead to the accomplishment of desired outcomes throughout life and take responsibility for his own learning. The student is not left alone. Depending on the autonomous level of the learner, the e-learning instruction can be proactive or reactive.

Proactive and Reactive coaching

Proactive coaching

  • Identifies coachee’s learning needs and sets a learning plan
  • Is supportive of distant learner’s objectives
  • Gently pushes distant learners to set challenging goals
  • Helps define clear learning strategies and objectives
  • Provides and applauds progression line help and ongoing support
  • Orients e-learners and demands results avoiding frustrations
  • Provides feedback on progress on testing and assessments

Reactive coaching

  • Answers to the e-learner questions
  • Interacts depending on e-learner demanding needs
Blended Learning

Synchronous or Asynchronous mode

E-learning instruction can be synchronous and asynchronous.

Synchronous tools

  • Telephone, text messaging, social media, Skype, chat rooms
  • Virtual classes

Asynchronous tools

  • Learning management platform
  • Emailing, forum , blogging
  • Google docs (collaborative platform), social media

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